Protection dogs are family dogs that will protect their families in a crisis situation, will defend and try to save their family, rather than attack and bite. They are trained to be good companions that will be good with children and friends. However, if the master or any family member is physically attacked, they will take protective action, such as jumping, snarling, seizing, or chasing. In other words they will protect their master, his family and if necessary, they will attack the intruder.

An alarm dog is a guard dog trained to bark. Such a dog is trained to do nothing but let out a rough, aggressive bark. The larger the dog, the deeper the bark. However, the alarm dog will take no protective action. He may do so on its own, but not as part of its training. Moscow watchdogs will alarm, if somebody is coming too close, and will take action, if somebody is already on your property. That’s why they call them “family security dogs”.