It is commonly known that any army has highly-trained, deployable canine units. The former Soviet Union’s army wanted to create their own breed that tolerates the harsh climate and unfavorable circumstances. They spared no money and efforts in developing a new breed. It was General Gregory Medvedev from Red Star military base in Moscow who selected three breeds that had the desired qualities. The Caucasian Ovcharka, the Saint Bernard and the Russian Spotted Hound. The general selection soon proved to be right. The Soviets received a breeding stock of several champion St. Bernards from the Germans, the Czechs and the Slovaks. The best Caucasian and Russian hounds were selected from all over Russia, then cross-bred with the imported St. Bernards. The payoff of the efforts was the new breed the Moscow Watchdog. The new breed was in fact so promising, that its existence was withheld from the public for a while. It was a large-size, strongly built dog with an excellent nose, good resistance to diseases and outstanding guarding characteristics. All these qualities were added to by an appealing appearance and ability to endure different climate conditions. That is why the Moscow Watchdog is the perfect dog for the USA climate. It can live in cold Alaska as well as in warm Florida. His coat protects him not only from the cold, but also from the hot sun. In Russia, the Moscow Watchdogs are reliable and fearless guards of rocket launching sites, military airports and some are still working in prison facilities. At the military parades, the dogs were a spectacular sight on the Red Square and the pride of the army. The breed was allowed to be purchased by civilians only after the decline of the Soviet Empire.

Not too long after, some dogs came with their military owners to the Czech Republic and also to other European countries such as Hungary, Poland or East Germany and became quite a popular breed.

In today’s hectic world, it is important to have a family member who loves and protects our children as if it is his dearest treasure. Moscow Watchdogs are ready to protect the area and the properties that are assigned to them even if it costs them their lives. They know no fear or retreating when it comes to handling trespassers. Family, and the protection of the property are of primary importance to these dogs. It is their mission. Becoming a Moscow Watchdog owner, you also will experience the love, loyalty and genuine friendship this breed can give to people. The life expectancy of a Moscow Watchdog is approximately 10-13 years. They are not recommended for apartment life or for a small house with a very small yard, because they need a lot of space around them. They are a self-cleaning breed. Frequent bathing is not necessary, but this dog should be groomed weekly.

The Moscow Watchdog doesn’t salivate a lot, while most big breeds actually do. It is recommended to check for hip dysplasia before breeding, because in most big breeds hip dysplasia is quite common.

Moscow Watchdogs respond best to someone who can inspire loyalty while also providing strong leadership. Heavy handed training will backfire with this breed. Aside from military service, this guard dog is also used by rangers and farmers; it is considered a good choice in the northern regions. They also can be trained as guide dogs.

The breed standard was approved by the Russian Kennel Club and the Ministry of Agriculture in 1997. The Russian Kennel Club is currently working to have the breed recognized by FCI (an international federation of kennel clubs).

It is important for the dog to move enough according to its age, to eat well and enough. But also, you must not give him too much food, or make him run for a long time beside your bicycle. Swimming is good for them, as Moscow dogs like the water. They can live with other kinds of dogs, or other animals. Our 2 Moscow females grew up with 1 Shiloh Shepherd and 2 Miniature Bulldogs. They will adapt to any kind of weather and circumstances. They protect their master at any price, no one can deceive them. They are not aggressive. They do not take the initiative. They signal by barking, but they do not bark in vain. You can sleep calmly near to them. Well, the truth is, they also like to take a nap from time to time. But if there is a need, they go and settle things, no questions asked. No fear, no obstacles. At the same time, they are affectionate, very good with children and also with old people. They are very loving dogs. They are very hardy against diseases. There are no known diseases especially characteristic of this breed. Moscow Watchdogs must be aware that the master leads the pack and not him.

Males – height 74-78 cm (29″-31″) no top limit. No less than 68 cm (27″)

Weight – from 120 Ibs. -170 Ibs. (55kg -70 kg)

Females – 70-73 cm (27.5″-29″) No less than 26″.

Weight from 100 lbs. up.  (45kg and up)

According to USA statistics, every 13 minutes one house is robbed and 2,100 children go missing every day. Yes, over 2000 kids every day.

800 000 children are missing each year. 50% of children are 4 to 11 years old and 53% of child abductions end tragically.

These numbers are absolutely frightening for any parents. You should ask yourself: “How can I protect my house, my valuables and especially my precious children?”

I would recommend to you a MWSS. That is Moscow Watchdog Security System. It works much better than any other security system. Our Moscow Watchdog Security System works 24/7 and 365 days. Even if there might be electricity down or a  severe hailstorm raging, they are watching. On top of the perfect protection, this canine security system loves you unconditionally and our family loves them back. That’s how it works in the Glorious Kennel household.

Now, you may say all this sounds very good, but where can I get this wonderful dog? Well, that is a very good and quite important question.

As far as I understand, there are no other breeders in the USA other than Glorious Kennel in Cleveland, Ohio. I am originally from the Czech Republic and I speak the Czech language perfectly. My family still lives there, so I have the perfect connection to the local Moscow breeders. I travel to visit my family, but at the same time I visit other Moscow breeders and make valuable connections. I know where to get a very good quality puppy and how to get him to the USA, which is not easy. So, for that reason to get your first Moscow Watchdog puppy from Glorious Kennel would be the first and the best option.

The second option would be to get your puppy from a breeder in Europe. That, of course, is a lot more costly and risky for many reasons.

For instance:

1) How do you know the puppy pictures on any website are actually their puppies?? Some people just steal puppy pictures from other websites and post them on their own websites, these people are not breeders, just cheaters.

2) After you finally decide to send them your money, how do you know that they will send you anything back??

They can:

– Send you nothing at all – what will you do??

– Or they can send you a sick puppy – what will you do??

– Or they can send you a completely different puppy. What then??

– Oh, I nearly forgot – you don’t speak Czech, or Russian or Hungarian, so communication will be a big problem, even if they might speak a bit of broken English.

So this is the risk you take by trusting “breeders” you don’t know and probably will never meet. You don’t know their dogs and their conditions. The buyer of any puppy should be 100% sure, that the breeder and his puppies are legitimate, his address and his website is current and also that the breeder welcomes visitors. The best way is to visit the breeder before you buy your puppy, which in the case of buying your puppy from a European breeder could be very expensive.

If the breeder doesn’t welcome visitors, in my opinion, that is not a very good sign. The breeder probably has something to hide.

All these worries go away if you are dealing with Glorious Kennel.

We have been breeding dogs since 1999. We produced over 300 beautiful puppies (Shilohs and Mini Bulldogs) and you can visit our kennel anytime. Our puppies live throughout the whole USA from Alaska down to Puerto Rico. If you can, please make plans to visit us.

We would love to show you our dogs and our kennel. We have nothing to hide. Also, we would love to know you and to know your conditions before we sell you any of our precious puppies. We need to make sure you can and will take good care of our baby.

This is how we work. So, before you make your final decision about your next Moscow Watchdog puppy, please contact us at Glorious Kennel. We will be able to help you. It is also recommended to reserve your puppy in advance. Usually, when our puppies are born – they are already spoken for. So please don’t wait too long before you call Glorious Kennel for your future puppy reservation.

Our number is 440-729-4397.  Our fax is 440-729-4398.  Our e-mail is  or

Ask us about our MWSS. Our Moscow Watchdog Security System.