Glorious Chester


DOB 12/28/13 in the Czech Republic

Glorious Chester was born in the Czech Republic just after Christmas 2013. His father Tyudor Pesnya Pechenega came to the Czech Republic as a puppy from Moscow, Russia. Also some ancestors of his mother Eliska originally came from well-known Russian lines.

Chester’s Father

Tyudor Pesnya Pechenega

2x CAJC, BOJ, Club winner, 2x CACIB

Originally from Russia


Chester’s Mother

Eliska Tesinske nebe

from the Czech Republic




Chester’s Granparents

Tyudor’s parents came both from Russia

Zhandarm – Champion of Russia, Grand Victor, Best of dog 09,  2x CW (World Champion)

Schedraya Osen – also from Russia





Eliska’s parents both live in the Czech Republic

Optimist Iz Vernyh Strazhei 4x CACIB, 2x BOB, National  Winner






Baira Tesinske nebe has CACIB title in the Czech RepublicOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA