What is a Moscow Watchdog?

This breed was developed in Russia after the 2nd World War by cross
breeding a St. Bernard with a Caucasian Mountain dog and a Russian
Hound dog.

How big do they get?

Males usually are around 29″‘-31″ (74 cm-78 cm) no top limit

Weight from 120 Ibs. – 170 Ibs. (55-70 kg)

Females are from 27.5″- 29″ (70 cm-73 cm) no less than 26″

Weight from 100 Ibs. up.  (45 kg and up)

How long do they live?

Usually between 10-13 years. It also very much depends on how well
you take care of your dog.

How much exercise do they need?

They are big dogs. They need quite a bit of space to run and regular
walks are always welcomed. They also like to swim or play in the

Are there any health problems with this breed?

There are no known health issues with this breed. We only need to be
aware of the possibility of hip dysplasia, which is quite common in any
large breed.

Any specific food to feed?

No. As long as it is a good quality dog food, they will eat any brand.
I personally mix dry food with ground turkey and cooked chicken.

Are they good with children and other pets?

Yes, but as it is true with any dog, they need to be properly trained and
socialized from an early age. Puppy classes and early training is
strongly recommended.

Are they expensive?

Well, not really if you buy them in the USA. Here, only certain kinds of
puppies are quite expensive. You can easily find some puppies for as much
as 3-4 thousand dollars. The price of Moscow Watchdog puppies will probably be
around 2-3 thousand US dollars. Of course, importing a puppy from
Europe will cost you a lot more. On top of the original price of the puppy,
shipping is quite complicated and expensive.

Where can I buy or see this dog?

So far there is only one reputable kennel in the USA, who owns and
breeds Moscow Watchdogs. That kennel is Glorious Kennel in Ohio.

We have been in the dog breeding business since 1999.

If you have any other questions or you would like to reserve a puppy,
please contact Ben Landfeld at Glorious Kennel.

Tel. 440-729-4397   fax 440-729-4398   e-mail   landfeld@sbcglobal.net
www.moscowwatchdogs.com     www.gloriouskennel.com

We love our Moscow Watchdogs and we like to talk about them.
Hopefully, we will be able to answer your questions.