Casablanca 8 mos


      Glorious Ajsa   DOB 5/6/2013 in the Czech Republic Registr. NKC 14-900470746 Glorious Ajsa was born in the Czech Republic in May 2013. She comes from the very successful lines. Many of her ancestors were champions and

Casablanca 8 mos


  Glorious Chester   DOB 12/28/13 in the Czech Republic Glorious Chester was born in the Czech Republic just after Christmas 2013. His father Tyudor Pesnya Pechenega came to the Czech Republic as a puppy from Moscow, Russia. Also some ancestors

Casablanca 8 mos


  Glorious Casablanca   DOB 6/7/2013 in the Czech Republic Registr. NKC 14-900470747 Glorious Casablanca was born in the Czech Republic in June 2013. Her father is well known Bozsoki Harci Dirk from the famous Hungarian line of Bozsoki Harci kennel. From


Business Security

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House and Family Security

Protection dogs are family dogs that will protect their families in a crisis situation, will defend and try to save their family, rather than attack and bite. They are trained to be good companions that will be good with children


Farm Security

The farmers in the Midwest can use these dogs to protect their farms and herds of sheep, cattle, goats etc. These dogs will protect from coyotes, wolves and even will stand up to a bear. It is always a good

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